welcome to my little avatar aang roleplay account. c: please enjoy your stay. if you'd like to rp with me, simply drop a little message in my ask box. i'm not much into crossovers, a little iffy on AU, but i'm flexible. have fun!

I’m interested in playing around with the character shenanigans of an older Aang (think around 25 ish). I just finished watching the series and I am obsessed. Yeah. I seek quality over quantity so reblog this if interested. Or drop something in my ask box. laaaahv you!

RP blogs to follow?


[[ If you’re an RP blog who’d happily RP with people from other fandoms, please reblog this so I can follow you. I will follow every single RP account who reblogs this.

Bonus points if you’re from ATLA or LOK but, like I said, everyone’s welcome. I hope we can be friends :D

If you see this and I already follow you, please signal boost this here post if you could. ]]

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